Get to know your staff

Ryan “Bolt” McKerlie

Family Pastor

Name: Ryan McKerlie
Camp Name: Bolt
Post-Pandemic Plans: I’m looking forward to spending time with the people I love
Prayer Requests: That campers would have fun, be safe, and build amazing friendships

Jamie “Google” Bay

Lead Pastor

Name: Jamie Bay
Camp Name: Google
Prayer Requests: That I will lead and support staff well

Jana “Flipper” Anderson

Children’s Director

Name: Jana Anderson
Camp Name: Flipper
Post-Pandemic Plans: Spending time with friends and seeing kids year round at Kids Club – ALL THE IN PERSON THINGS!
Prayer Requests: For a safe, loving, and fun summer for campers, volunteers, and staff!

Tammy “Burrow” Pierce

Office Manager

Name: Tammy Pierce
Camp Name: Burrow
Post-Pandemic Plans: To be able to hug people again, when they want a hug
Prayer Requests: To build our team strong, keep everyone safe, to have fun and to know Jesus love us all

Juliana “Aurora” Konrad

Volunteer Director

Name: Juliana Konrad
Camp Name: Aurora
Post-Pandemic Plans: Going back to school and getting my Masters in Journalism, and hopefully travelling afterwards with friends!
Prayer Requests: That campers will have a terrific and safe summer, volunteers will be able to grow and develop their leadership skills this year while having fun, and to win Staff Survivor

Kurtis “Quill” Keenliside

Camp Director

Name: Kurtis Keenliside
Camp Name: Quill
Prayer Requests: Maintaining high energy and a smile throughout all stages of camp

Laura “Toto” Machry

Admin Director

Name: Laura Machry
Camp Name: Toto
Post-Pandemic Plans: I cannot wait to hug all the people that I’ve had to stay distanced from!
Prayer Requests: That camp is safe and fun for each camper this summer

Gavin “Newton” Jameson 

Tech Director

Name: Gavin Jameson
Camp Name: Newton
Post-Pandemic Plans: I don’t do much so probably about the same thing as I’m doing now
Prayer Requests: That the weather will treat the cohorts nicely

Clara “Vogue” Boctor 

Gr. 1 Cohort Coordinator

Name: Clara Boctor
Camp Name: Vogue
Post-Pandemic Plans: I would love to start traveling again!
Prayer Requests: That we, as staff, are able to demonstrate God’s love towards our campers this summer

Christopher “Kowalski” DeCosimo 

Gr. 2 Cohort Coordinator

Name: Christopher DeCosimo
Camp Name: Kowalski

Rachel “Gravity” Wynia 

Gr. 3 Cohort Coordinator

Name: Rachel Wynia
Camp Name: Gravity
Post-Pandemic Plans: Getting to travel again and visit all my friends!

Jennifer “Aero” Anderson 

Gr. 4-5 Cohort Coordinator

Name: Jennifer Anderson
Camp Name: Aero
Post-Pandemic Plans: Being able to enjoy the true wonders of Ikea and Costco without the insane lineups!
Prayer Requests: That camp is a great experience for the kids, especially after a difficult year

Nathan “Aloe” Konrad 

Gr. 6-7 Cohort Coordinator

Name: Nathan Konrad
Camp Name: Aloe
Post-Pandemic Plans: Going back to school
Prayer Requests: Inspiration to come up with good program ideas for the kids

Daniel “Volta” Eng 

Program Coordinator

Name: Daniel Eng
Camp Name: Volta
Post-Pandemic Plans: Stuff but with people
Prayer Requests: That camp is a great experience for the campers no matter if they are online or in person

Sid “Nasa” Malcolm 

Program Coordinator

Name: Sid Malcolm
Camp Name: Nasa
Prayer Requests: That everyone is able to safely enjoy camp this year

Jamie “Willow” Francis 

Admin Coordinator

Name: Jamie Francis
Camp Name: Willow
Post-Pandemic Plans: Being able to spend time with more friends and family
Prayer Requests: That everyone is able to have a safe and fun camp experience this year

David “Pixel” Jardine 


Name: David Jardine
Camp Name: Pixel
Post-Pandemic Plans: Get some friends together for Dungeons & Dragons :3 
Prayer Requests:
That we are able to still provide a safe and enjoyable camp experience for the campers this year

Marena “Mango” Silli 


Name: Marena Silli
Camp Name: Mango; straight up.
Post-Pandemic Plans: My goal is to start doing event photography!
Prayer Requests: That camp is a fun, enjoyable experience for all campers, volunteers, and staff!

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