Today’s Morning Show:

Today’s competitor is an angry lad and his name is Frank. That’s really all we know, he’s trying to keep Max from making the top 3, can he do it?

Today’s Bible Story:

Today in Bible we will be discussing how God sees us as very good. Join Quill as he takes us through one of the first passages of the bible to show how God’s creativity in creating us was very good.

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Today’s Craft:

Design your own Saga Ninja Warrior Certificate to show off your qualifications of excellence. Grab your colouring utensils and stickers for this craft where your design skills are essential!


  • Something for colouring
  • Stuff for decorating
  • Certificate
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Today’s Sport:

Welcome to Day 2. Today we’ll be covering how to do rainbows, a fun little trick that does take some practice. Again, make sure you have the equipment from before, a soccer ball or a ball you can use.

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