Today’s Morning Show:

Looks like Richard is back to the ship, but sounds like there might be some unwelcome guests. How will Richard deal with them?

Today’s Bible Story:

Today in Bible we will be learning about how to be a Good Samaritan! Join Quill as he dives into the book of Luke to explain how we are all capable of kindness and love.

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Today’s Craft:

Create a decorative place to store all of your favorite little memories! Design a jar that can sit on your table and remind you of  your unique experiences.


  • Clear jar with lid
  • Rocks, shells, beads, etc.
  • Stickers
  • Scrap paper
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Today’s Skill:

Welcome Sailors and Tourists to your quick and easy guide to learn knots! Follow along with Quill as he teaches you how to tie knots that can better your abilities as Sailors. Strap in your ropes for a fun and educational journey! Today’s episode: the clove hitch.


  • Rope
  • Something to tie a rope to
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