Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Saga and Sparc online camp?

It is a safe environment for your children to play, learn, express themselves, and be part of a fun and engaging community.  In each week of camp you will find five days worth of activities to engage your child in games, art, music, trips, conversations about faith, and so much more.

Q: What ages is Saga and Sparc online camp for?

Our Jr. Camp content is designed for ages 5-10 and our Sr. Camp content is designed for ages 11-13.  Our content is available, however, for all age ranges at the discretion of the parents or guardians.  Feel free to take a look and join in with what interests you. 

Q: What are the Dates for Camp?

Our first week of Camp will go live on Monday June 29, 2020, with a new day of camp becoming available every week day.  Our last day of camp will go live on Friday August 14, 2020.  

Q: How much does online camp cost?

We’ve worked hard this Summer to provide camp to you and your family for free.  We want camp to be available to everyone and don’t want money to be the barrier.  If you are interested in making a donation to help us keep camp free for everyone, please email 

Q: What happens when I upload content?

When parents help their children upload content, it is gathered by our staff and put onto the camp website for other campers to view.  It might also be used for promotional emails to help other parents become aware of the resources available.  More importantly, it helps other children see that their friends are participating in the same camp they are, and it lets them know they’re not alone!  For more information, see our terms and conditions.

Q: What if I cannot upload any files?

We want to make sure that whatever your child participates in, it can be featured on our website. If the form is not working, or it simply will not allow you to upload a file without having to create a google account, no worries. We want to make this as easy as possible. Just email us the video, with an explanation including your child’s name, what activity they completed, and any other information you’d like to share. Our email is

Q: How can I make sure I get updates, and what if I have more questions or comments?

If you are interested in receiving updates, information and opportunities for engagement, either upload a piece of content to the website and fill in the accompanying form, or email saying that you would like to be involved in camp online.  If you do either of these things we will be reaching out to you regularly with updates, and feedback forms to help improve your experience.    

Q: What if I need childcare this summer?

Given the large numbers of campers who attend Saga and Sparc we are unable to offer in-person camps this summer.  We have made the difficult decision to focus our limited resources on providing content for children who are at home this summer to help make the summer more enjoyable for them (and their parents).  We are looking forward to being in-person again in 2021.

Q: Who are the staff?

The staff you see in the videos (as well as the team behind the scenes) are all employed by Clarkson Community Church and Lorne Park Baptist Church.  They have undergone a hiring process that ensures they have the character and skills to fit such as important role as providing for your child this summer.

Q: Can my high-school student still volunteer?

We would love to have them!  Click here for more information.