Lend a hand!

Welcome to Saga Sparc Online Camp!

We’re super excited for what this summer is going to look like, and we’re looking for volunteers who will help put their skills to use making online camp a success!

From past years of running camp we’ve seen the value in having volunteers, and seen how much they have to offer, and how much potential they have. That’s why we want to extend the opportunity to you to volunteer with our online camp.

Some of the tasks available for you to take part in include filming for our Jr. and Sr. Camps, editing those videos, creating graphic designs for content and the website, as well as reaching out to people by being involved in camper care.

If you have completed grade 8 (by June 30th) or are older we would love for you to apply and take part in this adventurous summer! If you’re interested in volunteering, here is the link to the online application form:


Please contact Elysia Mair (Volunteer Director) at campvolunteers@clarksonchurch.ca if you have any questions, ideas or concerns.