Pirate Potion

Uh oh, we have a slight problem here. Sometimes pirates are up to no good and acting a little evil. Join Aero in her experiment of making a secret pirate potion. 


  • Clear large glass cup 
  • Water 
  • Any kind of cooking oil 
  • Table salt 
  • Food colouring is optional 
  • Paper towel/napkins 


    1. Pour water into two thirds of the clear large glass cup 
    2. Fill the other third of the cup with vegetable oil (or any kind of cooking oil you have). Wait until a layer is formed between the water and oil 
    3. Optional: add in a few drops of food colouring and wait for the colour to spread out 
    4. Add in some salt to see the pirate potion activating 
    5. Just wait and watch the bubbles explode from the bottom and pop up at the top through the olive oil! To see this experiment happen again, just add more salt! 
  • Disclaimer: please do not drink this!!!
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