Week 1: Friday

The end, join our heroes as they join with an unexpected ally and escape the island! Will they find the cashmere? And what’s going on with Jefferson? Find out by watching the epic conclusion to the tale of the 7 c’s! 

Today’s sport:

It’s time to expand some of the skills we learned earlier this week! Now that you’ve had some soccer keep-up practice, try expanding that to dribbling around some obstacles. Set up some household items and practice dribbling the soccer ball around them.

You’ll need the following:

  • A soccer ball or equivalent (you could substitute a basketball, or a smaller ball for younger kids)

  • Some outdoor space (or a room inside you don’t mind kicking a ball around in)

  • A few objects to use as obstacles: chairs, tables, traffic cones, older siblings, etc. Make sure you ask an adult for help setting it up and making sure you’ve picked the right obstacles


  1. The goal is to guide the ball through the obstacles without using your hands – feet and legs only!
  2. Kick the ball through and around the objects you’ve set up until you reach the end of the course
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