Week 1: Monday

Join along the epic, week-long adventure of the two mischievous pirates, Quill No Beard and Sorkin the Fast as they hunt down the mysterious golden treasure: toilet paper.  Watch as they fight the snobby royals in the greatest epic duel of mankind.  While watching, make sure you take note of what Agent Jefferson is up to… 

Today’s sport:

It’s important to get a little exercise every day, even just to break up your routine and get you energized. If you want to get some fresh air or get away from computer screens, consider giving our daily physical activity a try! Even fifteen minutes outdoors can make a big difference and keep you happy and healthy. 

Our suggested activity for today is Soccer Keep-ups. 

You’ll need the following:

  • A soccer ball or equivalent (you could substitute a basketball, or a smaller ball for younger kids)
  • Some outdoor space (or a room inside you don’t mind kicking a ball around in)


  1. The goal is to keep the soccer ball from touching the ground for as long as possible, using only your feet and legs. Bouncing the ball with your knee or toes is okay, but using your arms isn’t allowed. 
  2. Try to play for at least ten or fifteen minutes, and see how many times in a row you can bounce it before it falls. 
Show us your sport