Week 1: Thursday

The Pirates set out to reclaim the Cashmere and head back onto the seas. However, they get caught in a storm and are stranded on an island with a pair of angry and weirdly modern villagers. How will the pirates find their way out of this jam?

Today’s sport:

Getting outdoors is a lot of fun! If you’ve got a park, forest trail, or other green space near your home, why not print out our Nature Bingo sheet? See how long it takes to get five in a row, or fill out the entire square if you want a challenge. 

You’ll need the following:

  • Our Bingo sheet (or a paper to draw your own)
  • A pen, pencil, or marker to write with


  1. Go outdoors and take a walk around with a bingo sheet.
  2. When you see the real life version of one of the animals, plants, or objects on the sheet, mark that square
  3. Try to mark five squares in a row as many times as possible. It can be up and down, sideways, or diagonally
  4. Send us your pictures of what you see on your nature walk, or if you get five in a row!
Download our Bingo Sheet Here
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