COMING TO YOU LIVE! FROM THE COMFORT OF OUR OWN HOMES….Tune in everyday this week for our “Sparga 24” broadcast! Our staff will be updating you on every angle, from the Risk-takers stock market to what’s in store for crafts today. Our reporters have a wide range of stories to cover, so make sure you tune in so you never miss the action!

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This Week’s Memory Verse:

Join Mrs. Machry for another great memory verse!

This week our memory verse is:

“When God created human beings, he made. them to be like himself. He created them male and female, and he blessed them and called them “human”.” – Genesis 5:1-2

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This Week’s Challenge:

Hey campers!

This week you’re going to have the opportunity to show your family your news anchor skills! Try completing the following challenges this week to test out your news anchor abilities!

Create your own news segment for your family, dress up as a news anchor and tell the events of your day!


  • Wake up early and tell your family the weather for the day using an news anchor voice
  • At the end of your day tell your family the newsworthy events from your day
  • Try to interview your ‘famous’ celebrity family member
  • Recap the best highlights you had from today’s sports as if you are the MC for the game 
  • Give your family an inside scoop of what you learned from Bible using your anchor voice 
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This Week’s Song

Hey Campers!

When looking for news to report this week, we were down by the bay (you know… where the watermelons grow), and we saw some absolutely wild things! Join the song this week to hear all about it!


Down by the bay

Where the watermelons grow

Back to my home

I dare not go

For if I do

My mother will say

*insert rhyme of your own!

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This week’s trip

Greetings Earthlings. Get ready to investigate the surface of Mars! Take the road traveled by Nasa’s Curiosity Rover to learn and explore the mysteries of the planet. Be sure to take note of interesting features that could help you out with this week’s interactive activity. Check out my favorite location, the Marias Pass: it holds clues to the changes in Mars’ environment and geography and was discovered the day after my birthday! Hope you enjoy our “out of this world” adventure by clicking on the link below.

This week, our challenge for you is we need your help with this week’s morning show. We have hired YOU to fly to Mars and film a mars themed weather broadcast for this week.  Film yourself giving a goofy or serious news segment and submit it to our website under Week 2 Trip.  We’ll send the footage to our executive producers at Sparga 24 News and they’ll randomly draw 2 videos to be broadcasted in our morning show, one from Sr Camp and one from Jr Camp! Be sure to head over to the Trip heading to find links to the Mars adventure as well as Nasa’s martian weather report. 

Click here for our Mars Adventure!
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Chloe’s Craft

“Matilda has made a snowman out of fake snow.”

Chloe’s Skill

Ashlyn’s love of Frisbee Sport

“Ashlyn’s Snow Cake!”

“Ashlyn’s Genesis 5:1-2 Scripture Memorization”

Ashlyn’s New Down by the Bay Lyrics

“Ashlyn sees ladybugs on hay!”

“Chloe likes to memorize the Bible verse!”

“Water, dish soap, black pepper and chilli powder make a fun tornado!”

“Chloe had fun making tornado in a jar!”

“Ashlyn’s Rainbow Sunset”

“Baker Ashlyn can’t wait to taste one of these cookies after supper!”

Sienna’s Craft

Sienna’s Craft

“Penelope’s Trumpet!”

“Lucille’s Trumpet Craft!”