Week 2: Monday

Join us for the first ever Sparga 24 news broadcast! Watch alongside our hosts Thumper and Glow as they flow through our daily segments of weather, Top 10 and our Business update. Be sure to check out the information on the trip challenge!

Today’s sport

Hey campers, welcome to week two of fun games including some physical activity. Let’s start off with enjoying the great outdoors, only with parents permission or supervision and please remember social distancing. Also enjoy a great game of headbands to play with members of your family whenever they have the time. Watch the videos below to see what’s in store for today’s fun! 

Show us Your Sport

Natalie’s Song

Enjoy our worship volunteer Natalie (aka Oreo) cover of the VBS song “Thankful”. This week in bible we talk about God’s creation. A question to think about related to God’s creation this week is: What are you thankful for?

Check out more of Natalie’s Songs on Youtube