Tornado in a Jar


Thankfully SPARGA24 Broadcast is keeping us updated because this weather is beyond crazy! We have had snow, sunshine, and now another changing storm has hit. May tornado season at camp begin! Aero is here to guide you through a virtual stimulation experiment to witness the tornado safely in a jar. 


  • Mason jar or clear water bottle (make sure it has a lid)  
  • Water 
  • Dish soap or hand sanitizer


  1. Pour water into the jar/bottle, but leave some space at the top.
  2. Use a small drop size amount of dish soap or hand sanitizer
  3. Put on the lid and shake it around in a circle for 10 seconds. Hold the jar still to see the tornado happening. Simply respin again to see the tornado happen some more.
  4. Optional: add glitter inside the jar to see the tornado debris going crazy!
Download a PDF of the instructions
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