Week 2: Tuesday

 Join our hosts again for a wacky evening broadcast! Keep your eyes open for a new segment, plus a return to your favorite daily segments!

Today’s sport

Do you want to learn how to throw a frisbee? If you know, do you want to play a fun game with it? If you don’t have a frisbee you can still play this fun game: All-sports golf!

How to throw a frisbee:

  1. Hold your frisbee with your palm against the rim, your fingers wrapped around the rim and your thumb on top. Your wrist should be curled slightly inwards, towards your body. **Picture demonstrating
  2. Hold the frisbee in your strong hand and bring that arm across your chest so the frisbee is to the weak side of your body. 
  3. Move your arm away from your body and release the Frisbee when the angle between your arm and your body is about 45 degrees. Release it with a quick snap of the wrist It is your wrist that is providing the power to make the frisbee fly. 


  • Keep the frisbee level when you release it it should not tilt up, down or the side.
  • Keep your eye on your target as you throw the frisbee
  • Take a step with your strong leg across your left leg.
  • Your movements should be nice and smooth don’t try to throw it as hard as you can until you master the technique. 

All-sports golf or Disc Golf:

  • Find a park or school yard somewhere near you.
  • Once you’re there make targets out of the different structures there. Examples of this would be trees, soccer goals, benchs, poles. Make sure your parents approve of your targets. 
  • Create a tee box, or an area where you should throw or kick your item. Take turns trying to get your item closer to the target.
  • From there go to where your item lands and aim for the target again. Do this over and over until you hit the target
  • Remember the idea is to do this in the smallest amount of throws or kicks possible. Compete against your friends and family to try and get the lowest score.
  • Create another target from your old target and make a new tee box.
  • Repeat this process a decided number of times.
  • Add up your scores and the person with the lowest score wins!
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