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Come on down to the jungle for a riveting safari adventure! Join the crew as they navigate through the safari! Grab your hats and sunscreen and head out into the wild, an untamed jungle for the time of your life. Become familiar with the animals on the land in the week full of unique crafts. Build your wilderness survival skills, complete the enduring weekly challenge, and even take a trip for yourself in the safari. See you in the mighty jungle! 

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This week’s Memory Verse:

Hey campers! For this week’s safari adventure, you can complete our memory verse crossword!

This week our memory verse is:

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

– Ephesians 4:32

This weeks challenge:

Hi campers! Since the theme of this week is Safari, the challenge will be growing our own veggies right here at home. The most amazing part of the challenge is that you don’t have to buy the seeds, we will regrow some vegetables you already have at home. This week we will be growing carrots and onions together. Watch the video to find out how! 

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This Week’s Song

ROAR! Special showcase to Natalie (Oreo) performing “Never Let Go of me”. Through storms and jungle vines, this song reminds us that Jesus is always there. The staff team is also here for you, joining you on the savannah everyday all summer long at Camp online! Hope you enjoy this song! 

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This weeks trip

Come along to explore the beauty of nature through the San Diego zoos. With webcams for some of the most exciting animals including Tigers, Penguins and Pandas. If the animals aren’t around check out their free games and crafts. You’re sure to have fun as you discover the San Diego Zoo. When you’re satisfied with your animal viewing check out farm food 360 and learn how farms grow food. Showing you the complex process and hard work that goes into the food you love.

Click here to visit San Diego Zoo!
Click here to visit Farm Food 360°!

The Game Show

NOTE TO PARENTS: Roblox is rated E10+ (Fantasy Violence) by the ESRB

NOTE TO VIEWERS: Exaggerated opinions will be shared, do not take anything we say personally! We love you all 🙂 

Welcome back to The Game Show! This week, Newton, Quill and Volta are playing Roblox Natural Disaster Survival, this time with the question “What do you think makes a good friend?” There’s also some controversial questions… Do you pour milk before or after the cereal? Check out the video to hear what we think! 

Submit your answers to our questions, or your questions for us to answer using the button below. We’d love to have your submissions in a future episode!

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“Ashlyn’s Madagascar Bird”

Chloe’s Challenge

Chloe’s Craft

Chloe’s Skill

Chloe’s Craft

“Amanda Loves getting to trace her feet”

“Ashlyn’s granola with choco chips, Cheerios and marshmallow is a yummy Safari snack!”

“Let’s make a rain noise with Ashlyn’s rice shaker! Oh, yeah!”

“Day 1 of Ashlyn’s Carrot & Onion Plants”

“Ashlyn’s African Wild Dog Cartoon”

Chloe’s Craft

“Who would have thought Ashlyn and anyone could make neat homemade stickers??”

Chloe’s Skill

Chloe’s Craft

“Ashlyn was inspired to make two cranes after watching the video!”

“Ashlyn’s Memorization of Ephesians 4:32”

Chloe’s Craft

“Ashlyn turned the web sport into art! Hehe!”

Chloe’s Memory Verse

“Ashlyn spotted African vervet monkeys!”

“I see God Is Great…Noah…Leaves and…A Feral African Collared Dove on Ashlyn’s Binoculars!”

Caleb’s Craft

“Very sticky clear tape and tissue paper made Ashlyn’s web sport fun!”

“Ashlyn couldn’t help but dance and rice shake to her favourite camp song, ‘Never Let Go Of Me’ by Natalie G!”