Week 3: Monday

Welcome to Day 1 join Sandy and Rocky as they search for Topa, a lion prince who can wait to be king. In fact Topa would like to wait forever and never become king. Watch as Topa meets new people and explores the jungle.

Todays sport:

Today’s Activity is Tennis and Wall Ball. All you need is a Tennis racket, a ball and a wall. Pretend you’re playing tennis, grab your racket with your dominant hand, and try and hit the tennis ball with the middle of your racket. This can be hard to learn at first so keep practising and you’ll get it in no time. Hi the ball against the wall and aim for specific spots on the wall for an added challenge. Our alternate activity is Wall Ball. Using your ball, throw and try new and fun combinations and challenges to keep you running. Great with friends or family, These games are as fun as you make them.

Show us Your Sport