Week 3: Thursday

Topa becomes addicted to Starbucks? Sandy and Rocky find Topa? Find out in this episode of extraordinary safari adventures.

Todays sport:

Hey campers, today’s activity is indoor bowling! You’ll need a small ball (or your rolled up sock from yesterday) and 5 or 10 objects to use as bowling pins. Find a flat, smooth floor and set up your bowling pins in a triangle shape. You can play independently and try to knock over as many as possible, or take turns with a family member and try to beat their high score.

What you’ll need:

  • 10 bowling pins (empty plastic bottles or toilet paper rolls are a great option)
  • one ball, or other rollable object
  • a flat and smooth space


  • Place the bottles into a triangular formation
  • roll the ball into the bottles
  • take turns with family or friends to see who can knock over more at a time
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