Rain Shaker

As we travel deep into the jungle this week, yesterday we made animals from paint but animals aren’t the only thing you’re going to find in the jungle! One other thing you’re bound to run into is some rain, and there is nothing more calming than the sound of rain, am I right? Join us in crafts today as we make some rain shakers!



  • Empty Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll
  • Rice Or Alternative To Fill Shaker With
  • 2 Elastic Bands
  • 2 Napkins Or Alternative Ends
  • Markers (optional)
  • Scissors (optional)


  1. Place one napkin over one end of the empty roll and secure it there using an elastic band. If using a paper towel roll, cut that in half first.  
  2. Fill the roll a little over half of the way full with rice (or alternative) from the open end, making sure the secured end is not leaking.  
  3. Cover the other end of the roll, now filled, with a napkin and elastic band the same way as step 1. 
  4. Decorate your rain shaker however you would like! 
  5. You’re ready to make some awesome rain noises!
Download a PDF of the instructions
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