Week 3: Tuesday

Topa is struggling to learn how to say selfie? Sandy and Rocky can’t agree how to find Topa. Will Timba ever get his son back to the throne? Watch today’s episode of extraordinary safari adventures and watch as Topa finds a new friend. Now who could that be?

Todays sport:

Today’s activity is a little more laid back than usual. We’ll be building Inukshuks – stone sculptures used across Northern Canada as signposts and markings. If you’ve ever driven through rural highways in North Ontario, there’s a chance you might have seen some of these set up along the side of the road. 

What you’ll need:

  • Some flat rocks of various sizes


  • Head outside (with adult supervision) and take a walk around the nearest park, woods, or outdoor space to look for rocks
  • Stack the rocks one on top of the other until they resemble a person. 
  • You can also experiment with different shapes and styles
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