Week 3: Wednesday

Topa learns to fly? Rocky still doesn’t like any of Sandy’s scientific methods of looking for Topa. Timba is getting increasingly anxious as to his sons whereabouts. See how it plays out in this episode of Extraordinary Safari Adventures.

Todays sport:

Hey campers! All you’re going to need for this activity is 3 balled up socks, and a broom stick. Plastic brooms work best as well as big thick socks. For this activity, you’ll be doing figure 8’s around two socks and using the third sock as your ball and your broom as your hockey stick. Socks work great inside and open a whole world of ideas for other fun activities in your house. Try to complete as many figure 8’s as possible in 30 seconds or a minute. Try and improve your time each day. Have fun campers!

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