Week 4: Friday

After yesterday’s dramatic event, where Eddie sacrificed himself for George, we’ve finally made it to our final duel! Who will claim final victory and free princess Kiwi? I can’t take the suspense any longer… let’s tune in to find out!

Todays sport:

In an enchanted forest you never know what you’ll come across. You could be enjoying looking at some pretty fireflies when next thing you know you have to fight off a vicious dragon! What better way to do this then by shooting it with elastic bands? For today’s sport we’re practicing our elastic band aim for when this very occasion should arise!

You’ll need the following:

  • A bucket
  • Elastic Bands


  • Place the bucket anywhere you would like.
  • Try to shoot the elastic bands into the bucket from all kinds of different angles.
  • Move closer or further away to change the difficulty and don’t be afraid to try some epic trick shots!
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