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Welcome back to our fourth week of camp! Join us as we venture into the enchanted forest, put together some fantastical crafts, and watch our heroes enter a tournament to decide the fate of the realm. Make and eat snacks! All this and much more awaits at Saga and Sparc.

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This Weeks Memory Verse

Hey Campers and other Forest Friends!

This week our verse can be found in Philippians 4:13

It says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Make sure you send in a video of you reciting our memory verse!

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This weeks challenge:

Week 4 challenge is closely tied into this week’s theme of the enchanted forest. Join Spectrum in his challenge to you to make ogre swamp pie. Aero also challenges the campers to practice their water balloon toss to see what your record is for the week. Watch the videos and submit your challenges! 

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This Week’s Song

“Good in Every Way” is led by Oreo this week and featured as our camp song. This song shows us that God is good in every way! Now Oreo and the summer staff would love to see you singing and dancing to this song with us, so make sure to submit a video or picture of you jammin’ out.

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This week’s trip

Hey Campers! We hope you are enjoying your summer so far and that you’re enjoying camp! For Trip this week, we are taking you virtually to a classic Toronto tourism staple and the wildest theme park in all of Ontario – Canada’s WonderLand. 

Follow along with our slideshow museum to travel to 5 of the park’s Highlights, including the new ride from 2019 the Yukon Striker. Hope you enjoy the wonders of the Park!

Click here for the virtual tour

Submit your photos for our showcase!

“Ashlyn likes sock bowling with a hockey stick!”

“Ashlyn’s Memory Verse of Philippians 4:13”

“After waiting a long moment, Ashlyn’s DIY thermometer works with just water!”

“Anybody need Ashlyn’s rainbow chalk paint parasol in this heat?”

“Ashlyn’s Colourful Swamp Craft”

“Chloe’s Craft”

“Chloe’s Memory Verse”

“Amanda absolutely loved making this castle”

“Ashlyn’s Propeller Works After This Difficult Assembly!”

“One point for Ashlyn in this water balloon toss!”

“This was an intense game of dodge socks with Ashlyn!”

Caleb’s Skill

Chloe’s Skill

Chloe’s Skill

“2 Cat Origami Boxes by Ashlyn”

“Ashlyn got one emoji into the cup! This is not as easy as it looks!”

“Day 10 of Ashlyn’s Onion & Carrot Plants”

Chloe’s Skill

“Ashlyn says, “We have rabbits here!!””

Caleb’s Skill

“A water bucket & rubber bands make Ashlyn’s sport day amusing!”