Week 4: Monday

Princess Kiwi has been captured and it’s up to us to free her! Join a knight, villain, squire, ogre and even a donkey in their week long competition to see who will free the princess. Five competitors go in, but only one can claim victory… who will it be? Meet our competitors today and then make your predictions as the week unfolds!

Todays sport:

Hey Campers, today’s activity is sock dodgeball. That’s right, all you need is some socks and an open space to throw them. Of course for Dodgeball, you need a partner or two to play against. Friends and family work great. Dodgeball works by throwing a ball or in this case, a sock towards your opponent. There is a center line that nobody can cross, this is your side. If you are hit by a sock, you are out, if you catch somebody’s throw, they are out. Play as long as you want and last person standing wins. Have fun!