Week 4: Thursday

We are officially down to three competitors. It was a tough goodbye to Sir Chadley the 7th but it means we’re now one challenge away from our final duel! Which two contestants will survive today’s challenge and make it to the final round? Let’s tune in and find out!

Todays sport:

This game is one that you can play with your family or on your own. In the medieval times catapults were used to launch objects over the protective walls of a castle to ambush the people inside. Today by playing this game we are going to become masters of the catapult. 


Set up your plastic cups in a triangular order, place the tape around the perimeter of the cups to keep them in place. Using the plastic spoon stand a few feet away and do your best to launch as much of your ammunition (buttons, pompoms, beads or ping pong balls) into the cups in two minutes.


  • Plastic cups
  • Any kind of tape
  • Buttons, pompoms, beads or ping pong balls
  • Plastic spoon
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