Week 4: Tuesday

We’ve met our champions and made our predictions, but it’s time for the tournament to begin! Join these five young hopefuls in their first day of vigorous competition. What sort of crazy challenges will be thrown at them? I guess we’ll have to wait and see… but I did hear something about Cheetos and shaving cream!

Todays sport:

Alphabet Match

Choose any word or your name and complete the activity that corresponds with that letter. Complete all the activities that go along with the letters of your word or name. If you want more of a challenge try to complete your first and last name, an even longer word or even a sentence! Complete the challenges to the best of your abilities, it’s ok to alternate the activities to your  needs.

A = Do two push ups.

B = Dribble a basketball for 2 minutes.

C = Do 10 jumping jacks.

D = Blow up a balloon and see how many times you can bounce it on your head in 2 minutes.

E = How many times can you write your first name on paper in only 1 minute?

F = How many jumps can you do with a skipping rope in 2 minutes.

G = Do 5 jumping jacks.

H = How many times can you bounce a balled up piece of paper on the palm of your hand in 1 minute.

I = How many times can you write your last name on a piece of paper in 1 minute.

J = Do 2 sit ups.

K = Do 9 jumping jacks.

L = How many times can you throw and catch a tennis ball against a wall on the outside of your house in 3 minutes.

M = How many balled up pieces of paper can you get in the trashcan standing 6 feet away in 2 minutes.

N = Using a tennis or badminton racket see bounce a balloon/tennis ball as many times as possible in 3 minutes.

O = Keep a soccer ball or balloon with only your feet for 1 minute.

P = Do 2 sit ups.

Q = Make a target out of a paper plate and see how many times you can hit it using a pair of balled up socks.

R = Can you learn a new trick with your skipping rope?

S = Do 3 jumping jacks.

T = Hold a plank for 10 seconds.

U = Make a pyramid with plastic cups as fast as you can.

V = How many times can you get a crumpled up piece of paper in the trash can standing 4 feet away for 1 minute.

W = Can you keep up a balloon for 2 minutes straight?

X = Skip with a skipping rope for 1 minute.

Z = Can you keep up a soccer ball with your feet for 30 seconds?

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