Ribbon Bracelets

Hi campers! I’m Mars. Today I’m gonna show you how to make a bracelet by using a piece of ribbon, it’s pretty fun and easy to make. So, let’s get started!


  • A piece of ribbon (about 2 meters long)


  1. Take a piece of ribbon about 2 meters long 
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Cross and fold it together 
  4. Pick up the one below, fold a piece of ribbon and hold it to pass through that hole
  5. Pull it tighter
  6. Same on the other side, go through it and tighten
  7. Adjust its shape a little bit
  8. Repeat the above steps until you think the length is enough 
  9. You can wrap it around your wrist to see if it fits (If it is too long, you can remove a little bit)
  10. When you feel the length is perfect, you can pull out the inner one and tighten it, then tie a bowknot
  11. And… that’s it! Go and have a try, have fun!
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