Daniel’s Story: Recap

Hey cozy campers! As we wrap up our staycation this week, join Flipper as she recaps our week about the story of Daniel. There may be a cool activity to check out during prayer, so make sure you watch til the end, and follow that by watching the youtube video and downloading your bible bookmark! Hope you’ve been enjoying staycation, and hope you stay right here for camp online next week 🙂 

Reflection Questions for the Week:

  • Think of a time you did the right thing when nobody else was. Was it hard to do the right thing?
  • When was a time you showed faith? When was a time you showed faith to God?
  • Daniel and his friends were brave and showed faith even in difficult times. Do you think you could do the same thing?
  • Moving forward, how can you be brave and faithful like Daniel? What are ways you can show your faith in everyday life?
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