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Welcome back to another exciting week of Online Camp! Check out our welcome video to learn about this week’s content, and how to navigate our website. Make sure you check out the links to our games, crafts, bible lessons, and more!

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This weeks Memory Verse:

Hey Campers! 

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Memory Verse!

This week our memory verse comes from Joshua 1:9

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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This weeks challenge:

Hey there home bodies! This week we’re challenging you to capture your sparga 2020 memories by creating your very own staycation scrapbook! Take part in each day’s staycation activity along with the morning show vloggers, then come back here and we’ll make an awesome scrapbook to remember all the epic adventures we went on together!

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This Week’s Song

Join Natalie (Oreo) in singing “I Will Not Be Afraid” this week! Some people are afraid of spiders, others are afraid of heights, and some are afraid of the dark! What are you afraid of? Just like Daniel, though, we can learn not to be afraid of anything! God promised to protect us through anything just like he protected Daniel from the scary Lion’s Den!

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This weeks trip

You’ve heard of slime, and you’ve heard of space, but have you heard of slime in space? Join this week’s trip to see what happens to the iconic and fun slime when it travels to the International Space Station! Also, join Eldorado in making your very own slime!

Click here to learn about slime in space

The Game Show

NOTE TO PARENTS: Ultimate Chicken Horse is rated E10+ (Fantasy Violence) by the ESRB     

The Game Show is back! This time, Newton, Quill and Volta are joined by Aloe and Pixel! For this week, we will be playing a party-platformer called Ultimate Chicken Horse. Listen in as we discuss which courses we enjoyed best and which marvelous people we look up to!     

If you want some of your questions to be on the show, submit them with the button below!

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“Ashlyn’s Memory Verse of Joshua 1:9”

“Ashlyn says, “I can play with this slime ALL day!””

Chloe’s Skill

“Ashlyn’s Granola Bar With Life Cereal, Nutella & Smarties”

“Guess how many points Ashlyn got in her 4 bean bag tosses?”

“Meet Ashlyn’s Pet Dog, Coco!””

“Ashlyn traced the patterns for the roses and leaves for this creative craft!”

“Ashlyn is cooling off her easy cheesy homemade pizza pocket for lunch!”

Chloe’s Craft

“Ashlyn stamped & decorated this difficult umbrella paper fold!”