Paper Boats

Hi campers! I’m Mars. Is there anyone who wants to go on a vacation? For me, I probably want to go to the beach. However, at this point, we need to stay at home to be safe, but we can make a paper boat, pretend we are on it and having vacation! So let’s see how to make it!

Supply: Rectangular shape papers (could be print paper, newspaper, page of old magazine etc.)


  1. Fold in half and again, then unfold it
  2. Using the crease as a guide, fold the lower left and right corners up into the middle
  3. Fold the part of the bottom edge up / The part of the top edge down
  4. Fold those 4 corners
  5. Open it from the middle
  6. Fold part of it / fold it in half
  7. Same on the other side
  8. Open it from the bottom
  9. Hold two corners and pull
  10. Adjust the shape, can flatten it out to make it looks better
  11. Done
  12. You can colour it if you like!
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