Styling Staycation

With spending so much time at home, why not change it up? Do you want to make extra decorating to create the perfect styling staycation? Aero will lead today’s craft in showing you how to make an awesome home project! 


  • Construction paper 
  • Clear tape 
  • Scissors 
  • Plastic straw 
  • String (optional)  


  1. Stack 2-3 sheets of construction paper on top of one another. Begin cutting them out into thin strips of paper. The more paper you have, the more you can add to the craft. However, please try not to waste paper! 
  2. Cut some of the paper in half for variations in the sizes. 
  3. Measuring out with the length of the plastic straw, begin by making your first row of paper links. Fold the paper into a circle and tape/glue it together. Repeat until you have the desired amount to go across the straw and tape them down. 
  4. Continue the paper chain links to the base of this craft by wrapping it to the paper ring above. Repeat until you have created the look you want. 
  5. Optional: put a string through the straw at the top and tie a knot in order to hang up your new decoration! 
Download a PDF of the instructions
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