Paper Umbrella

Do you like going to the beach during vacations, enjoying the sun, and the light sea breeze. I know we are all stuck as home right now, but don’t worry, we can bring the feeling home with this beach umbrella that you can actually open and shut. 


  • Paper, Scissors, glue


  1. Take a square sheet of paper, fold it in half both directions
  2. Flip over the paper and fold in half diagonally
  3. Fold the triangle in half again to make a crease
  4. Take up one flap and squash fold the flap down along the creases
  5. Flip  over the work and do the same thing to the other flap, you should get a small square now.
  6. One side of the model is layered, the other side is not, we are going to focus on the unlayered corner.
  7. Fold the side flap next to the unlayered corner to the center, then unfold it to get a crease.
  8. Do the same thing to the other side, and flip the paper and repeat twice more.
  9. Take one flap and push in the edge part along the crease you just made.
  10. Do the same thing to the other three flaps
  11. You should have 8 flaps now.
  12. Take one flap, and fold the side to the center
  13. Unfold the flap and you should have a crease
  14. Do the same to all the other 7 flaps
  15. Take one flap, and push the edge part in along the creases
  16. Do the same to all the other flaps
  17. Now you should have 16 flaps in total
  18. Take another square sheet of paper and repeat the same steps above.
  19. You have two cone like shapes now, stack them together, and use you scissors to cut the irregular end
  20. You should end up with two long triangles that are the same size.
  21. Take one of the triangles, at the point about one third from the bottom, make a small diagonal cut. Don’t cut to the midline, leave about one third 
  22. Do the same thing  to the other side
  23. Open the paper, and fold the outermost circle backwards
  24. Adjust the creases,  
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