String Eiffel Tower

Do you like traveling during vacations? I personally like to travel a lot. I was planning on visiting Paris this summer. However I know we are all stuck at home right now, but don’t worry. We can “build” an Eiffel tower at home with only a string.


  • string


  1. Place the string over both of your thumbs, and hook your pinky fingers under the string
  2. Hook your pointer fingers under the string across the palm on the opposite hand
  3. drop your thumbs
  4. use your thumb to go underneath the strings and bring back the string on your pinky fingers
  5. use your thumb to go over the first string to them, and bring the second back
  6. drop your pinky finger
  7. use you pinky finger to go over the first string to them, and bring back the next string
  8. drop your thumbs again, then go over the first two strings, and bring back the third ones
  9. take the string on your pointer finger and put it over your thumb
  10. there should be two strings on your thumb now, take the one at the bottom, and take it off
  11. do the same thing to the other hand.
  12. as you can see, there are two triangle like holes here, put your pointer fingers in to them
  13. keep the string on your thumb and keep the pointer fingers in the holes, rotate the palms forward
  14. bring your thumb and pointer finger together, and the eiffel tower is formed


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