Week 5: Wednesday

These six friends have really been wanting to go to the zoo so for today’s staycation they got extra creative! Tune in to see how they managed to go to the zoo without leaving their houses!

Todays sport:

Happy Wednesday! Today’s activity is convenient for rainy days, or just getting active inside your own home. We’ll be making a maze or obstacle course on the floor. I made mine out of painter’s tape, but you can substitute anything in your home, at the park, etc – clothes, towels, sticks, string, etc. You can also put other obstacles within the tape to add more of a challenge, like a chair you need to climb over or crawl under. Once it’s finished, there are lots of fun uses for your brand new maze. 

You’ll need the following:

  • Some tape (or any household alternative like laying out towels in a line)
  • Obstacles. These can be any 


  1. Set up your tape (or alternative) in lines across the floor in the shape of a maze
  2. place any desired obstacles across the maze in various locations
  3. see how fast you can get through the maze and around the obstacles