Treasure Hunters badge and certificate

All week you guys have been learning and discovering new bible stories, finding treasure following maps and it’s about time that we make it official with today’s craft, a treasure hunter’s badge and certificate!


  • Glue or clear tape
  • Construction paper (any colours)
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Pencil crayons, pencil
  • Pens etc.


  1. First we need to cut out the background for our certificate, to do this we need to start by folding a piece of construction paper in half then cut along the line to create two separate halves. You will be using one of the sides for this craft.
  2. Next we have to cut out the individual plaques that will go on top of your certificate. Using construction paper, cut out three different rectangles or squares that will fit on your certificate paper. Once you finish cutting them out, paste or glue them on your background piece leaving one corner open for your badge to go on.
  3. Now we have to cut out the official treasure hunters badge that we will glue on the background certificate. To draw the badge make a dot near the top of a piece of paper, then draw two smiles coming down on either side of the dot. Then, connect the two ends with another smile.
  4. Next, you can either paste a small photo of yourself in the middle of the badge or you can draw a picture of yourself as best as you can. After drawing, you can even colour in your self portrait. Tape or glue your badge onto the empty corner that you left.
  5. Next, we need to attach some twine or string to our certificate so that we can hang them up wherever you want. Flip over your craft and glue or tape about an inch of string on both sides or your certificate so that your string forms a loop.


  1. Now you’re done with your official badge and certificate that you need to be a treasure hunter! Hang it up wherever you like and be very proud of yourself! Have fun!
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