Week 6: Friday

In the thrilling and emotional finale, our characters are put to the test as they’re forced to choose between the treasure or their bond as a family. Will they make the right choice?

Todays sport:

Gather some of your favourite items and a friend and challenge yourself to an indoor treasure hunt.  Once you have your items give them to a trusted friend, parent or sibling to hide them. Have the person who hides the items make a map or clues to where the items are located. Once you have that follow the clues or the map and find where your treasure has been hidden. Then once you find all your items switch places. Have the person who didn’t hide the items be the seeker and you hide the items. Then make clues or maps for the person to use to find the items. See who can locate their items the fastest. 


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil Crayon (optional)
  • Treasure items ex. Stuffed animal, trophy, pokemon card, toy, etc.
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