Hey there treasure hunters and welcome back to another exciting week of online camp! Check out our welcome video to learn about the exciting content coming your way this week and how to find it all on the website! Be sure to check out the links below to find all the adventures we have in store for you!

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This weeks Memory Verse

Good morning treasure hunters!

This week our Memory verse can be found in Galatians 6:9

“So let us not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we do not give up.”

Use your treasure hunting skills and see if you can find all the words to our memory verse in the provided word search!

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Show us Your Memory Verse

This weeks challenge:

Hey treasure hunters, welcome to week 6 challenge! Today we’re teaching you guys all about secret codes! You can make your own, personalize it and spread top secret information. Only the best detectives can crack the code and find the treasure. Stay tuned to the end to learn the legendary morse code. Try the coded messages with your family and friends or submit it to us below to crack the code, but please include the translation! Crack the codes and the treasure is yours.

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This Week’s Song

This week, we learned Joseph’s story and how God stayed by his side and never left him. This week, Natalie (Oreo) is singing about what a Good Good Father that God was to Joseph and is for all of us. Whenever you’re feeling down, God is there and he’ll stay by your side no matter what you’re going through and whether you’re in the desert or sailing the seven seas!

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This weeks trip

Come and explore one of the world’s national treasures. We have worked hard to find this North American treasure for you guys to virtually enjoy. Come check out one of the greatest attractions our nation has to offer. There is so much to offer and I hope your eyes can handle the beauty. Go and see the canary springs, the upper falls, the dragon’s mouth spring, the mud volcano and the mind blowing views from the lookout point. 

Click here to go on our trip!

Submit your photos for our showcase!

“Decipher this code to reveal clue number one made by Ashlyn. GO!”

“Ashlyn is cutting meat for her yummy omelette!”

“Ashlyn had an exciting time getting her Dad to decipher this code!”

“Ashlyn’s Memory of Galatians 6:9 With Coco On Her Head”

“Ashlyn did 2 sets of burpees this morning!”

Freda’s Craft

Avo’s skill

Laura’s Craft

Laura’s Craft

“Ashlyn made the beginning folds & creases and finished this box with a lot of help.”

Laura’s Craft

Avo’s Skill

Avo’s Sport

Laura’s Craft

Laura’s Craft

Laura’s Craft

Laura’s Craft

Avo’s Skill

Avo’s Skill

“Ashlyn hid tiny toys in these fizzing treasures! She can’t wait to uncover them soon.”

“Ashlyn easily folded the beginning steps for this origami treasure box and finished it with a great deal of help.”

“Ashlyn loved this sport so much that she spent over 40 mins on it!”

“What glee Ashlyn had being finger-trapped not once but twice in a row!”