Week 6: Thursday

Our heroes are on their way to the treasure… but will jealousy and sibling rivalries be enough to finally end their journey? Make sure you find out by watching today’s episode!

Todays sport:

This is the doodle game where your imagination is the limit. The rules are simple: simply create the most wacky, wild and fun drawing of your very own treasure hunter.  Even if you’re not good at drawing I promise this game will be enjoyable. Make sure to send us a picture or video of your doodle game!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Markers or pencil crayons (optional)


Draw your character one part at a time. But don’t make them all the same. If you’re with a friend or family while you play this suggests something like a duck foot. That person then draws a duck foot. Your friend could suggest an astronaut head. So you draw it. Do this until you have a full character with a variety of different parts. With your creativity your treasure hunter character will look hilarious!

Show us Your Sport