Hidden Treasure Chest

Join me today in creating the most awesome treasure chest ever! Today we are going to be painting, colouring, stencilling and so much more! We have a super fun craft for you guys today so let’s get started, join me in this craft time today!


  • Scissors
  • Egg carton, strawberry, cherrie, raspberries box etc.
  • Tape or glue
  • Construction paper
  • Markers, pencil crayons or pens
  • Any colours of paint


  1. Grab all the materials that you will need for this craft as stated above.
  2. Paint the outside of your treasure chest with a base colour, I used brown but you can use any other fun colours that you would like.
  3. While you wait for the paint to dry on your egg carton, you can start to cut out some added construction paper details to decorate the outside of your painted treasure chest. I cut out a lock and some fun designs for my treasure chest.
  4. Using your tape or glue place the construction paper designs that you created onto your treasure chest once the base coat of paint has dried completely.
  5. Finally, inside of your treasure chest you can put anything that you want that is special to you or that you want to keep in a safe place!
Download a PDF of the instructions
Download a PDF of the template
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