Ball is Life

The summer olympic games take some serious training so you can begin the process at home! Today Glow will be showing you how to make your own mini basketball net to practice shooting some hoops in preparation of the olympics. Ball is life so let’s get started! 


  • Paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue or tape 
  • Cardboard box/Cardboard
  • Markers or pencil crayons
  • Ruler
  • Ping Pong ball or lightweight objects (paperclips)


  1. Cut out one of the widest sides of the cardboard box (the bottom) and one of the skinniest sides (a side of the box). Refer to picture. 
  2. Use the paper and markers/pencil crayons to design a backboard. Get creative and then cut out your design. 
  3. Using the glue/tape, attach your design to the backboard of the cardboard. Leave some room open at the top for the net to be attached there later. 
  4. Measure out a piece of paper that has a height of 5cm and length of 20cm and then cut it out to be your net.
  5. Cut out small squares about every centimeter along the bottom of your net (optional).
  6. Cut out a thin piece of different coloured paper that is also 20cm long to be the rim of your net.
  7. Roll the piece of paper that will be the net into a loose cylinder and then secure it’s position with tape.
  8. Secure the rim along the top of the net, rolling it in the same way.
  9. Secure net to the top of your backboard using the glue/tape.
  10. Extra challenge: Create 2 more nets using the same steps but making them 15cm long instead of 20cm. Then you will have 3 nets and can spice up the game by making the different sizes different points.
  11. Have lots of fun throwing ping pong balls, crumpled up paper balls, and other small objects (paperclips) into your nets and perfecting your basketball skills!
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