Bottle Divers

In the summer olympic games, there are so many activities in the water. From the comfort of your own homes, you can see some of the action. Today we will be conducting a cool craft experiment to see bottle divers performing at their best! Watch the video or download the PDF instructions to get started. 


  • Water 
  • Scissors  
  • Clear bottle with lid 
  • Paperclips 
  • Plastic straws 
  • Construction paper
  • Clear tape 


  1. Fill up a clear plastic bottle with water all the way to the top. Please make sure that it has a lid and just put it off to the side until later on. 
  2. Cut a little piece of the plastic straw that is about an inch long. Fold it in half and continue to do so until you are unable to anymore. 
  3. Place the small piece of the straw within the paper clip, securing it. Attach another paperclip to the end of the previous one that you just used. 
  4. Repeat these steps to make as many divers as you would like. 
  5. Optional: on a piece of construction paper, make small animals or decorations. Cut them out, place clear tape on both sides and attach them to the paper clip. Make sure that it is able to squeeze through the lid of the bottle. 
  6. Place them all in the bottle of water, shake it around. Continuously squeeze the top and bottom of the bottle to see the motion of the paperclip divers. 
  7. Have fun with the bottle divers! 
Download a PDF of the instructions

Flipper’s Cartesian Divers! This is such a cool craft to do as an experiment. If you wanted to take it one step further, you can colour actual divers or sea creatures on paper and laminate them using tape (so the water doesn’t ruin it!). A pro tip is that I used 2 paperclips attached together (but one paperclip is also okay). Happy crafting!

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