Hi campers, I’m Mars. Nice to meet you guys again. Today I will show you how to DIY an envelope, which is very useful. You can put a greeting card in it and send it to your friends or you can just put some of your notes in it to make your things more organized. Does it sound great? Let’s see how to make it right away!

The materials we need for this envelope are:

  • A piece of square shape paper
  • A glue stick or any thing that can stick the paper


  1. Fold in half diagonally
  2. Open it
  3. Fold the Angle below into the crease we make just now
  4. Fold the bottom part up along the crease
  5. Measure length and divide into three equal parts
  6. Fold the left side and the right side into the middle
  7. Fold the upper corner to the left edge
  8. Open and fold to make it become a square shape
  9. Apply glue
  10. Fold the upper part
  11. Done
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