Pirate Ship

We have made pirate hands, completed the pirate look, and made a potion for the other pirate enemies, but something is missing? What do you think it is? Every pirate needs their very own…PIRATE SHIP! Come on campers, let’s start making one to get back to sea! 


  • Egg carton 
  • Pencil crayons 
  • Markers or paint
  • Plastic straws or bamboo sticks 
  • Construction paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Newspaper  


  1. Cut the top part of the egg carton in half through the middle seam
  2. Using paint or markers or, begin decorating the egg carton that is going to be the base of your pirate ship. If you are painting, make sure to lay down some newspaper so there is no mess afterwards in your working space. 
  3. When that is completed, cut out pieces of construction paper to use as your pirate flags and begin decorating.
  4. Then feed the middle of the paper through the bamboo sticks or plastic straws, creating two holes at the top and bottom
  5. Poke the straw or bamboo sticks through the egg carton in the middle section that sticks up. Use some tape and squeeze the surrounding egg carton so that your flags stay in place. To make it more sturdy, just add some more tape! 
  6. Now you are ready to set sail to sea!
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